Announcing: I’m returning to a subject that I am very passionate about. One that I believe everyone could benefit from learning more about.

And that subject is HEALING. Specifically SELF POWERED HEALING.

Five years ago today, July 16, 2019, I launched a podcast called Self Powered Healing. But I burned myself out and so put it on the shelf for a bit.

But it just would not leave me alone. I kept returning to topics related to healing. I kept being drawn to books and articles talking about healing.

When I say healing, I’m talking about true healing. The kind of healing that your body knows how to do. And has been doing since the moment you were born. Healing wounds. Fighting off invaders. Killing rogue cancer cells.

And sometimes, healing in ways that we don’t yet understand. Some may call them miracles. The naysayers (and conventional medicine) will deny that they happened.

Just because we don’t understand something, we can’t say it doesn’t exist. If that were true, I would have to conclude that electricity doesn’t exist. Even gravity. I don’t understand either one.

When it comes to healing, it happens. And there are many stories of people who have healed. People heal from cancer. People heal from MS. People heal from rheumatoid arthritis. People heal from injuries that were declared as permanent.

What would it mean for our world if more people knew about such healings?

What would it mean for our world if more of us knew that such healing could be available for us? To know that there are things we can do to help our body heal?

Those are questions that I’ll be exploring over at Self Powered Healing.

Please join me over there. Either on my website or substack. Or both!

Oh, and if you think maybe you have a healing story to share, you might check out this page.