Barbara McNeely

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Hi, I’m Barbara McNeely, author and publisher in San Antonio, Texas. I help health coaches and wellness practitioners become recognized as leaders in their field by writing and publishing books.

Though I always knew I was meant to be a writer, early misunderstood feedback kept me from putting pen to paper for many years. I learned to love science in seventh grade from a teacher whose love of science was contagious. In college, I majored in biology and worked in research for several years. My curiosity about health and wellness led me to study more about it. I have blogged for several years now, primarily on health topics and my own health issues. And that is how I’ve gotten over my fear of writing. I now have a book coming out this year. Writing my first book is when I saw it all coming together. It isn’t just about the science or health. It’s about writing with integrity.

If there was one thing I learned studying the sciences and working in research, it was the importance of credibility. Facts need to be documented, otherwise, they are just opinions. Too often, I read articles with undocumented facts or incomplete facts or, worst of all, partial facts where the researcher threw out any data that did not fit with their hypothesis.

Today, I am both author and publisher. In group and private programs, I lead health professionals through the process of creating and publishing books. Books that are professionally written and documented to give the authors the credibility they both seek and deserve.

It takes a special kind of person to ask “How can I be the type of author that is trusted and respected?” I enjoy helping these authors produce books with authority to help them showcase their expertise.

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