Meet Barbara

Barbara McNeely

Hi, I’m Barbara McNeely, author and publisher in San Antonio, Texas.

In my life, so far, I have been a biological researcher, accounting clerk, computer programmer & analyst, website designer, health coach, publisher, and book coach. When I finally grow up, I want to be a writer.

I’ve always known I was supposed to write, but fought the muse for many years. I have now relented to the muse and am embracing writing. I’ve been blogging, on several different blogs, since 2007 and have even written articles for our local Natural Awakenings magazine.

One of my first blogs was called “If I Could Read My Mind,” which was a play on the title of a Gordon Lightfoot song. So it was a tribute to my love of music and lyrics and many of the blog posts had song lyrics for titles. I shut it down after a couple of years because I only had one reader, my sister. I started another blog – “Breathe Free” around the same time. It is still up and still being read by many. Prior to this blog, I blogged at Mariposa Naturals. That blog is still up and gets traffic; primarily to this blog post: “Do Essential Oils Cause Migraines and Headaches?

I majored in biology at UTSA and once had ambitions to follow in the footsteps of Watson & Crick – the discoverers of the structure of DNA. I may as well have joined the circus though, as my adventures eventually led me to a career as a programmer & analyst. This came only after an inexplicable one year aberration in a graduate statistics program at SMU. (I plead temporary insanity!) As the internet took over the world of computers, I learned web design and left Corporate America to start my own business.

Eventually, there was a pull to return to my science roots and I began studying health and nutrition topics. Part of that pull was due to my own health issues.

Today, I fully embrace and honor all the different facets of my being. I have written and published my first book – “Lessons of an Opening Heart.” This is my personal journey to healing. I have also created my first journal – “The List Junkie’s List Journal“ – which was practice for bigger and better journals to come.

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