Meet Barbara McNeely

Barbara McNeely

Hi, I’m Barbara McNeely

I work with stressed-out women entrepreneurs, showing them how to reduce their stress so they can thrive in their business. I use a unique approach based on the interconnection between body, mind, and spirit.

I’m a Natural Health Coach and I take a holistic view on health. That means looking beyond food. I go much deeper than food. You see, I’ve learned that there is so much more to our health than the food we eat. You likely already know that.

After all, if it was as simple as knowing the right foods to eat, we would all be in perfect health, right?

I’m a lifelong learner and as part of my training I have:

  • Studied about health and food and various types of diets or ways of eating.
  • Dug into the science of how the body works, because science was my first love.
  • Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element Theory and visual diagnosis — All ancient wisdom that has been helping people for thousands of years.
  • Researched how stress and emotions and past traumas impact our health.

Why? My passion is to help my clients be the best that they can be. As entrepreneurs, we need to be in tip-top health. Health of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

I’m looking forward to supporting you to become your best and healthiest self!

Let’s meet up online: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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