Meet Barbara McNeely

My favorite question is: “WHY?” It has taken me on many an interesting journey and down way too many internet rabbit holes.

My favorite answer is “I DON’T KNOW.” I respect that honest answer from others. And I’ll give that answer myself, when it applies. But I’ll also work to find the answer.

I’m Barbara McNeely, The Sage Chef. I’ve been cooking since I could reach the top of the counters in the kitchen. And I’ve been studying science, especially human biology and related topics, and asking WHY since Mrs Feigenbaum’s 7th grade science class. I took 2 years of biology in high school, majored in Biology in college, studied to become a health coach, and have taken many courses since then. They’re all listed at the end of the bio, for those who want to know. N

In A Nutshell:

I’m passionate about cooking, health topics, food and our “health care” system. And I love to talk about them all!
FAIR WARNING: I’m not for everyone! 😉 Then again, you might find The Sage Chef interesting!

Problem Solver

I’m a big picture person. I’m able to see a problem from many different viewpoints, putting things together in ways others hadn’t thought of and then solving problems. I’ve had a lot of practice solving health problems. For myself and for family, friends and clients.

For Example:

  • At age 16, I traced my migraines to my perfume saving years of migraine issues and thousands on neurology bills.
  • I found the source of the PMS that showed up at age 42, saving the agony of all the psychiatric drugs that would have been prescribed.
  • I diagnosed my gallbladder issue, even after my doctor said there was no way that it was a gallbladder issue.
  • I solved my migraines at age 48 when they became chronic, 24/7 events. That after firing several neurologists and even being fired by one!

Food Philosophy

I lived most of my life without thinking much about what I ate. And certainly without any type of philosophy related to food. Who does that?

Eventually, I did. As I learned more about what has been done to foods in modern times. My food philosophy was, for the most part, how I had been living most of my life. Now, though, it is much more intentional.

Here are the basics:

  • Whole foods
    • Vegetables and fruits. Grown organically. I’m a big believer in the benefits of vegetables, but I’m totally an omnivore.
    • Animals and animal products – preferably grass-fed or pasture raised.
  • Unprocessed or minimally processed. I’m not even one to buy pre-cut veggies, since that is processing.
  • Seasonal and local. I’m increasingly a believer in this approach for many reasons.
  • Non-GMO foods. You just can’t beat Mother Nature!
  • Organic. Farmers using organic practices.
  • Avoiding added sugar
  • Following this philosophy most of the time, because life happens!

I used to define my philosophy as similar to how your grandparents ate, but that is variable. Let’s just go back to pre-World War II. Back before the days of convenience foods. Before sugar- laden foods became the norm. Before cheap vegetable oils replaced traditional oils.

Choose your own food philosophy. Base it on good nutrition, not the Standard American Diet.

Science Background

If you’re some one who needs to see my experience and credentials, I’ve listed them all here:

And now for some weasel words to keep the lawyers at bay:

I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV. I do have a background in Biology, and a lifelong devotion to learning. And I’m pretty good at figuring things out — especially as it relates to health issues. Should you have any health issues, I’m happy to work with you to help you get a better understanding of what’s going on.

Anything you read is from my own experiences and what has worked for me. It isn’t intended to be advice. If what you read makes sense, I encourage you to do your own research, talk to your doctor and reach your own conclusions.