The Best Natural Remedy for Indigestion

The Best Natural Remedy for IndigestionWhat is the best natural remedy for indigestion? The answer is revealed when you understand how digestion works: where it starts and what makes it work well. It’s more of a preventive measure. Would you like a long-term remedy for your indigestion? Read on.

Where does digestion begin? And, why does it matter?

To understand how to remedy or prevent your indigestion, it helps to first understand how digestion works. The first thing to know is where digestion starts.

Most people would say that digestion starts in the stomach or even the intestines. Yet, chewing is the first step in the physical digestion of our food. And, in the mouth we have enzymes that begin to digest starch. You might say, then, that digestion begins in the mouth, right?

Not really. The actual, physiological digestion of food does begin in the mouth, but that’s not the whole story. In fact, digestion begins in our brains.

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The Brain Starts it All

When we see or smell or even think of food, our brain transmits signals through the vagus nerve, that begin to wake up our digestive system. Enzyme, bile, and stomach acid production increase preparing the digestive tract for food.

The mouth begins excreting enzymes, hence we talk about mouth-watering foods. The stomach increases its acid production, essential for proper digestion. Enzymes are ready and waiting for that anticipated food. Digestion is improved when the system is notified in advance and can prepare for incoming food.

Think of the difference between preparing a meal at home or even smelling food as it is cooked versus grabbing a hamburger at the drive-thru. In the former case, the digestive system is prepared for the meal. The latter, though? Not so much. That drive-thru hamburger may have been thought about, but it’s not likely to have prepared your digestive system. You’ve set your system up for failure. And indigestion.

Best Natural Remedy for Indigestion

Hmmm. Is it possible that the reason for indigestion following a fast-food meal is because of poor digestion? Yes. When you eat fast food, you don’t give your system any time to prepare for the food you send it. The problem is compounded becasue we typically eat that drive-thru meal in a hurry. And too often that meal is full of poor quality, processed foods. All of which set us up for indigestion.

What is the best natural remedy for indigestion? Here are some suggestions:

  • When possible, plan and cook your meals at home.
  • Be mindful when you’re eating.
  • Become aware of the quality of the foods that you’re eating. Learn to make better choices.
  • And if you must eat that drive-thru burger, start thinking about how good that burger will taste on your drive to the burger shack. Stop and take the time to eat it slowly, savoring every bite.
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As I have been writing this, I’ve been thinking about the habits at our house. Since there are just two of us, we tend to eat a lot of leftovers. We typically use the microwave to heat our leftovers. I’m not a big fan of the microwave but it is convenient. Now I’m wondering if even reheating our leftovers on the stove or in the oven would benefit our digestion.

Do you have indigestion? What will you start doing to help relieve your indigestion?

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