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How Stress Impacts Health

How Stress Impacts Health

I’ve known for a while how stress impacts health, especially my own health. Stress manifests in many different ways, and too often stress can lead to health challenges. Stress, as a topic, cannot be talked about too much. It is a complex topic with many causes as well as myriad […]

My Food Philosophy

My Food Philosophy

Today I’m introducing you to my personal food philosophy. I’ll be writing more and more about food and nutrition topics and I want you to understand my personal relationship with food. It can help you going forward as you read this blog. My food philosophy is my own. It may […]

February is Heart Health Month

February is Heart Health Month

February is Heart Health Month. I’m guessing they chose February because of Valentine’s Day and the association with hearts. But, there’s another reason to choose February (or another winter month) for Heart Health Month. And that reason is Kale! I know you’re probably thinking I am crazy, but bear with […]

How To Plan Your Legacy

Plan Your Legacy – A How-To Guide

On the first Saturday of 2018, my husband and I attended a Celebration of Life for Bernice. Bernice was the mother of a friend of ours. Bernice passed away just six weeks before her 90th birthday. In fact, they had originally reserved the Hockley Community Center for that first Saturday […]

Banish The Word “OLD” From Your Vocabulary!

Banish That Word Old

Several years ago, I was seeing a chiropractor for issues with my knee. I had been experiencing some intense pain in my right knee which made walking difficult. As a result, I walked with an uneven gait. One day I told my chiropractor that I felt like I walked like […]

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Have you made any new year’s resolutions? Sometimes, I am rather ambivalent to the whole concept of celebrating the new year. So it’s a new year. But also, so what? And why do we make resolutions at the beginning of a new year? And that’s really what […]

How Not To Worry

Worry Not – It Does Not Help

No doubt, you’ve been told throughout your life not to worry. And with good reason: We all have a tendency to worry. It starts because the future is uncertain. We cannot know what lies ahead. Often our worry is caused by anxiety over not knowing the outcome of a particular […]