Carpe Mutatio – Seize the Change

Carpe Mutatio - Seize the Change
Snap dragons from a local farm – Braune Farms!
Day 35 in The Time of Corona

Thinking about the changes in our world this year. In reality, things are always changing, just not always as fast. This time is a reminder that nothing is certain.

Some want to go back to “normal” but was that even a thing? Was life before corona normal? Many believe that it needed to change. In some ways, yes. Perhaps not as drastic as the changes we’ve seen so far in 2020.

I’m also seeing people talk about the “new normal” as if it is already a thing. It’s not. Not yet, anyway. Perhaps it’s not even appropriate to talk of this new normal. I believe things will continue to change. Slowly, we’ll come out of this cocoon phase that we’re in.

Did you think of that? We’re like the caterpillar that has gone into the pupa stage. Into its chrysalis or cocoon. How long will that stage last? What will we be when we emerge from our cocoons?

It’s up to us. This is a time of change.

I, for one, am embracing the change.

We’ve made some changes at our house. They seem minor, but they are likely lasting.

One change was to start using cloth napkins. I’ve always felt that paper napkins are a waste. With the supply of paper products disrupted, I decided it was time to make the switch. We have a bunch of cloth napkins we save for “special occasions.” In reality, they just occupied space in a box. I dug them out and we’ve been using them. It’s a refreshing change.

What we eat has changed quite a bit. We had a habit of eating out for 7 or 8 meals each week. I have long wanted to break that habit, but it was too easy to say “yes” to the suggestion that we go out to eat, rather than having to cook. Lately, we have done curb side pick up from some of our favorite restaurants but only once or twice a week.

There will be other changes, I know. I’m actually looking forward to more positive changes.

Embracing the change. That’s the obvious choice. Fighting the change isn’t productive. It can be soul crushing. Accepting that this change is happening. And embracing the change by using it to make changes in our own lives.

Maybe, that is what this time is all about? We know, as a world, that change is needed. This is our opportunity.

What changes have you made?
What changes are you contemplating?

Seize the change.
Carpe mutatio!

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