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The Self Powered Healing podcast was put on pause in March of 2020. It may return in some form. For now, you can listen to these published episodes.

Practicing Self Powered Healing EP022

Do you have passions, things you want to do, but think you can’t pursue them? Could those unlived passions cause you to become ill? What if the best thing you could do for yourself was to pursue those passions?   Where to find Self Powered Healing: References: (I get small […]

New Years Resolution EP019

A brief history of New Years Resolutions and why I no longer make them. Where to find Self Powered Healing: Transcript Can you believe it’s only two weeks until New Year’s? In only two weeks we’ll be shouting “Happy New Year.” Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Do […]

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips EP017

We know holidays can derail all your healthy habits. And if you’re in a healing phase, holiday parties and gatherings can really set your health back. Here are some tips to help you maintain health and healing during the holidays. Where to find Self Powered Healing: Transcript The holidays can […]

Thanksgiving and Gratitude EP016

Gratitude is a word that is often trotted out and talked about around the holidays. What is it really? And why is it a good idea to practice gratitude. It’s actually very good for you. Listen in to learn why. Where to find Self Powered Healing: Transcript (I get small […]

When Does Illness Really Start EP015

When does illness really start? You might say that it starts with the first symptoms. A cold starts with the first sniffle. Arthritis starts with the first pain. But that’s not always true. Most illnesses start long before the first symptoms. Unless we know how to recognize the earlier signs […]

When Inflammation Becomes Chronic EP014

Inflammation is supposed to be a good thing. It’s an immune system response that works to keep foreign invaders out of the body. Chronic inflammation, though, can lead to many health issues including chronic pain. Left unchecked, that chronic inflammation can result in chronic illness. In this episode of Self […]