Creating in Uncertain Times

Creating in Uncertain Times - Image of an Amaryllis
Day 26 of Life in the Time of Corona

Today is Easter Sunday and everyone is celebrating at home. Our Amaryllis opened its first bloom today. It’s such a lovely flower. We received the plant from my sister-in-law in about 2004. After the first year we removed it from its pot and planted in a concrete planter in our yard. It bloomed for several years and then went dormant.

It took us by surprise last year when it bloomed for the first time in several years. And it’s back again this year. Those blooms, for there are more to come, are a reminder that things that are uncertain can still be beautiful! We never know if that plant will bloom or not. And when it does, we enjoy its beauty.

Perhaps there is beauty to be found in these uncertain times, as well. I have been in a 90 day online course that started mid-January. At a time when we had no idea what was to come just 2 months later. In a class discussion last week, someone made the observation that we become more creative when there are more constraints on us. Such as in these times of staying at home.

Have you seen it in your world? I certainly have.

I have done a lot of cooking in the past month. (Which, I want to add, feels more like a year!) For several years, my cooking has involved finding a recipe to try, or creating my own. And often combining those two. Lately, I have had to be more creative, lately. I might have a recipe, but not have all the ingredients. My husband is always eager to go to the store for me. Not now, though. I’ve just become more creative. Maybe omitting something, or using a substitute. And sometimes that results in delightful discoveries!

Sometimes, I get creative because I only have certain foods on hand. And I certainly don’t want to waste them. It’s a lot like being in a Chopped competition. What can I make with what I have?

Today, for example, I was planning our dinner for tonight. Hubby is cooking chicken on the grill, while I prepare the rest of the meal. Lately, we have bought all of our vegetables from a local farm, so we have only what’s in season to work with. Braised cabbage is in the plan. But I need another dish. It happens that I have a lot of beets: white beets, golden beets, and red beets. I’ve found a recipe for a Moroccan carrot and beet salad. It sounds delicious.

How has creativity shown up in your world, lately?

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