Cure Your Sugar Cravings

Cure Your Sugar CravingsDo you want a cure for sugar cravings? What do you normally do for them? Indulge in sugar? Would you like to know how to cure those cravings without eating sugar? Read on for how to cure your sugar cravings.

How Not To Cure Your Sugar Cravings

Avoid artificial sweeteners. It is pointless to attempt to cure your sugar cravings with artificial sweeteners. They aren’t really a cure and they never will satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s a better plan to find natural foods to help you get rid of those cravings.

Chocolate or Sugar?

Are you craving sugar or chocolate? There can be a difference. If you’re craving chocolate, the reason for you craving could be a magnesium deficiency. If that’s the case, then you could consider having fruit, nuts, seeds, raw cacao, beans or whole grains for your craving.

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Cure Your Sugar Cravings

Most of the time, at least for me, I am just wanting to feed my sugar addiction. So I look to foods that are naturally sweet. Most of the time. Not that I’m saying I never eat sugar.

Nuts are a good snack item to satisify your taste for sweet. Especially cashews. (Or is it just that I like them best?) Carrot sticks are another good snacking item.

You could also incorporate naturally sweet vegetables in your meals:

  • Sweet vegetables – carrots, beets, cooked onions, corn, winter squashes, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and yams
  • Semi-sweet vegetables – turnips, parsnips, rutabagas
  • Veggies that reduce sweet cravings – cabbage, red radishes, daikon, and burdock

Still want sugar?

Splurge! Occasionally. Not every day. Maybe not every week. Just make it worthwhile.

Plan that sweet indulgence and make it something you really enjoy. It’s better if you invite a friend and then you can split that one Triple Chocolate Brownie or that piece of Death by Chocolate Cake.

For smaller indulgences, keep some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the freezer. When a craving hits, put just one chip in your mouth and savor it as it melts in your mouth. Warning: This only works if you can limit yourself. Betcha can’t eat just one!

Tell us in the comments: Do you have a favorite cure for your sweet tooth?

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