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Food photography is part of what I do. No, not my meal while dining out. At least not always. I like to take pictures while I’m cooking. In fact, I just love to take pictures.

Years ago, in my jewelry making days, I took thousands of pictures of jewelry. Most of them were never seen by anyone but me. And yes, this was all digital. I couldn’t have afforded to do that with film.

I enjoy taking pictures as I make a dish. And I’m thinking I’ll share some of those pictures in the weeks and months ahead. For today, I have some pictures for you to enjoy. Most, though not all, are food related.

Below is a picture taken at the jetty at Port Aransas, Texas. There was a man that made these little sculptures, as a hobby, I suppose. I happened on this one shortly after he finished it. I call it Zen.

Port Aransas - Zen

This is a teeny tiny piece of okra, roughly an inch or so long. Isn’t it cute? By the way, okra is (still) in season in South Texas. I recently wrote about the health benefits of okra. And here are some recipes for you:
Pan Fried Okra
Spicy Okra with Tomatoes
Baked Okra

The Tiniest Piece of Okra

The image below is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a picture of “Balsamic-Glazed Cippolini Onions with Fresh Tomatoes” made by one of the other teams at the CIA Boot Camp I attended several years ago. I only get credit for the picture. The team created and arranged the dish. (Oh, by the way, CIA in this case stands for Culinary Institute of America!)
Basil and Tarragon

The first time I made my own Cranberry Sauce, I knew that I would never buy canned sauce again. You’ve been warned!
Cranberry Sauce

Brussels Sprouts is one of my favorite vegetables. Pictured below is a concoction of Brussels sprouts and mushrooms. For some reason, I have no Brussels sprouts recipes on my website. I can assure you, though, that there will be several Brussels sprouts recipes in my cookbook, Veggies 101. Are you on my mailing list? It’s the best way to keep informed about the progress on Veggies 101.

Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms

I have no idea what I was making the day this picture was taken. Nor do I know why I took it. I kind of like it, what do you think?
Measuring Wine Vinegar

Did you know that Brussels sprouts grew on a stalk? Did you know that they have a beautiful flower at the top? The things you learn at your local farmers market!
Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts Flower

Food Photography Fun - a visual! #WhatsCookingWithBarbara Share on X

A few years back, I took a short online photography course. My photographs were all red and food related. This shot is my favorite.
Red Foods

This is a picture I took for a brochure several years ago. It includes red beans, 3 colors of lentils, sesame seeds and quinoa. At least, I think that’s quinoa in the center.
Beans & Seeds

This is a picture of lacinato kale and mushrooms. I was preparing to make braised kale with mushrooms. I don’t have that recipe online, but I do have a Braised Kale recipe!
Kale & Mushrooms

This picture is doubly cool to me. I take pictures of food, and I also love to take pictures of flowers. So here’s a picture of an artichoke flower!
Artichoke Flower

This metal sculpture bull can be seen on Hwy 290, just West of Johnson City, Texas. At least it was there for a long time, I haven’t been by there lately. It is part of The Benini Foundation Galleries & Sculpture Ranch, which is located nearby. I’ve never been to the Sculpture Ranch, but it could be interesting. (By the way, and possibly in the category of too much information, the bull is anatomically correct!)
Bull Sculpture

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