The First Step For a Happy, Healthy, Positive Life

How To Have a Happy, Healthy, Positive Life!Do you want a happy, healthy, positive life? I’m going to reveal the first and most important step to take on your journey to such a life.

Seriously, who doesn’t want a happy, healthy, positive life? But is that really within your control?

Too often we hear things like this:

  • “Life’s a bitch, then you die.”
  • OR, “I’ll never be healthy, I have bad genes.”
  • OR, “That person makes me so unhappy.”

Tell me, how could you have a positive life with that attitude. Whatever you go looking for is what you find, right?

I admit there was a time when I said such things. But now? Now I work every day to not say such things. To believe that I can be happy in spite of other people. After all, happiness is an inside job. To believe that my health is more dependent on the choices I make than the genes I was given. To know that my life will be just about as positive (or negative) as I decide it will be.

One of the hardest lessons I ever learned was that everything is a choice. When I worked for Corporate America, every morning I made a choice to go to work. It was a complicated choice and the ‘right’ choice was obvious, but I could as easily choose not to go.

Make Better Choices!

So, if it’s all about choices, then:

  • Choose a happy life instead of a sad one.
  • Choose to be health instead of being sick.
  • Choose a positive attitude and life, instead of being negative.

Each day, when you wake up, you have the choice to be happy, healthy and positive or to be sad, sick and negative.

You don’t have to commit to a lifetime, just one day. And if it feels good, try it again.

There it is for you, that first step towards a happy, healthy positive life: Decide each morning that you will have a happy, healthy, positive life. And see what a difference it makes.

It just might become a habit.

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There are many things we can do to ensure a happy, healthy positive life. That is the focus of my blog, to talk, in depth, about those things. But the very first thing we have to do is make the decision to have a happy, healthy, positive life.

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