Health-Ify Your Recipe

Do you have a favorite recipe? One you really love, but it makes you feel a wee bit guilty because it’s not that healthy?

Maybe it’s your grandmother’s fudge? Or your favorite dip?

I’m all about fun and enjoying food. That’s a must.

Many recipes can be tweaked to make them healthier.

What is it?

Some of our favorite recipes are overly unhealthy but can often be made healthier without totally changing the taste. There’s always changes to be made to improve a recipe. I’ll analyze your recipe and see what can be done to make it healthier.

How it Works:

One small caveat: This offer is not about making a recipe gluten free or dairy free or vegan or diabetes-compliant. I leave those types of modifications to experts in those fields. I’m a whole-foods, all-natural, cook-from-scratch cook. One that strives for as unprocessed and as little sugar as necessary. (But also one that believes that food still has to be fun.) If you are not sure about your recipe, please contact me first before signing up as no refunds can be made on this offer.

Send me your recipe and give me about 10 days. I’ll come back with a healthier version. I promise not to take all the fun out, though!

Here are a couple of examples. Click on the image to read more.

Health-IHealth-Ified Deviled Eggs fied Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs
Green Bean Casserole

I will Health-Ify your recipe for an investment of only $33!