Healthy Holiday Survival Tips EP017

We know holidays can derail all your healthy habits. And if you’re in a healing phase, holiday parties and gatherings can really set your health back. Here are some tips to help you maintain health and healing during the holidays.

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The holidays can be a very fun time with lots of parties and gatherings. But it’s also a time when we need to be mindful of our own health. We can’t lose sight of the fact that we are important in our health is very important, especially if you have allergies, or inflammation issues.

In this episode of Self Powered Healing, I have a list of tips that will help you not lose ground on the self powered healing that you’ve been working so hard on.

Tip #1: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Try winter weather can be dehydrating, asking running around shopping or attending parties or gatherings. Alcohol and caffeine can also be dehydrating. One more reason to drink water is it too often when we feel hungry, what we really are is thirsty.

Tip #2: Keep a check on that alcohol consumption. For all of those obvious reasons that we know about, but also because sometimes alcohol can cause us to make bad food choices.

Tip #3: Eat a healthy snack before you go to a party. That way you won’t be starving by the time the food gets to you. We tend to eat more if we’re really really hungry. It will also help you if they serve drinks before the food because we all know that drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster.

Tip #4: Continue to eat your regular meals as much as possible. Don’t let the holidays cause you to skip meals or to eat at irregular times.

Tip #5: For those with food allergies or sensitivities. This is a big issue for me as I have several allergies and I have to be really careful, especially at parties and potlucks. In fact, I don’t even find potlucks much fun anymore because it gets awkward asking people what’s in that food you brought/ What is it? And sometimes if they forget to tell me something, like the person that might bring a chocolate dessert and they forget to tell me it has Nutella in it. Well, those hazelnuts in that Nutella are going to give me a bad migraine.

The next few tips are about air, the air that we breathe.

Tip #6: Get fresh air. It’s important for us and it can help clear out some of the toxins we’ve been breathing in. During the holidays, cold weather keeps us indoors and in enclosed spaces. But there seemed to be more toxins in the air. Artificial scents on decorations. People seem to wear more perfumes and cologns when they go to parties. All of those toxins are a problem because they can contribute to chronic inflammation.

Tip #7: Avoid crowds. Especially when you’re shopping. I’m not a fan of shopping and crowds anyways, I definitely avoid Black Friday. My personal preference is to shop in the morning because seems like most people don’t go shopping then

I hope that you have found these tips helpful and useful and your holiday shopping and parties. It’s always good to have a plan for the holidays. Planning ahead can keep you healthy through the holidays and into the new year.

I wish you all a happy and blessed holiday season. I’ll be back in 2020

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