The Highest Compliment

The Highest Compliment

Serendipity resulted in a friend from my college days and I reuniting recently. Serendipity isn’t really the right word, though. It implies good fortune or luck. And I don’t believe it was fortune or luck or even coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidence. I can’t recall the source right now, but someone once said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” So, you might call it coincidence.

I ran into this friend – I’ll call her K – in June, and it was just this past week that we finally got together. Sabbaticals and vacations and work and conferences and new grand babies intervened.

Have you ever heard someone say that a good friend is someone you can talk with after a long absence and the intervening years have no impact on the friendship? Whatever caused that friendship was still there? This meeting was like that.

At some point, K said that she could never forget me because I had paid her the highest compliment. I was taken aback; I could not imagine what she meant.

So she explained: I had taken a poem that she had written and embroidered it onto a part of a sheet or pillow case depicting a sunset. I had forgotten about it -it was something I did more than 30 years ago, but K had not. She still has it. I had to ask about the poem as I didn’t remember it. She gave me the first line and the next few came back to me. And yes, it mentioned sunsets.

After our lunch, I was still thinking of that. How it would feel to have someone pay a compliment like that to me. And then I remembered that someone once had.

It also involved a poem, one that I had written. I had once shared it with the minister at my church. He had asked permission to read it as part of a sermon. Of course I said yes! I can still remember the feeling as he was reading it. And yes, it was the highest compliment.

It’s almost time to share that poem with the world. I don’t feel the internet is the appropriate place for its debut. Soon.

So, tell me:
What is the highest compliment that you have ever received?


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