Is Time Real or a Man-Made Construct?

Is Time Real or a Man-Made Construct?Day 13 of Life in the Time of Corona

I’ve heard it said that time is a made up construct. It’s during a time such as this that I begin to understand that to be true.

Today is March 30th. How do I know for sure? The computing devices tell me so. Years and years ago, I lived in a world without personal computing devices. In those days, I subscribed to the newspaper because that was one of only three ways to get news. The other two being television and radio. If I ever wasn’t sure what day it was, my newspaper would tell me.

Days can run together when you’re confined to quarters. Even if you still have a job and are working remotely. Although that work will also give you some structure. I’ve got structure based upon online courses I’m taking and formerly in-person meetings that are now being conducted online.

I think if I didn’t have that structure, I would create some. I do anyway, at a certain level. I haven’t changed the time that I wake up or the time that I go to bed. That structure is grounding for me. Without it, I’m not sure how I would be handling this current topsy-turvy world we are experiencing.

That’s how I’m using time to my advantage. I say advantage because I believe that is what keeps me sane. Without it, I can’t even imagine where I would be right now.

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