Why I Make Bone Broth

A mug of bone broth, ready for sipping.
A mug of bone broth, ready for sipping. Mmmm, this is why I make bone broth.
As you may know, I am searching for a cure for my arthritis. Some believe I’m looking for a miracle. And that’s okay. If it takes a miracle, I’ll accept that. I do tend to side with science first, but miracles are welcome.

I have friends who have taken the surgery route in order to be rid of their arthritis pain. That is definitely a last resort for me. I’ve had enough of surgery. Plus, I have arthritis in both knees, both hips, both hands, and possibly my right ankle. Perhaps other places. I just listed those that cause me pain right now. That’s a lot of surgery. As well as there aren’t good surgical options for the hands. So, why not look at something more natural as a solution?

One friend suggested this combination: “yoga, water, and bone broth.” And that’s how I first started looking at bone broth. Then I learn that another friend makes and consumes bone broth all the time. She recommended Sally Fallon Morell’s book, “Nourishing Broth.” From reading Sally’s book, I have determined that bone broth just might be the miracle I’m looking for. It makes sense from the science side because you use the bone and connective tissue to make the broth. So your body is getting all of the necessary components.

I decided to give it a try. Even knowing that it would take a while before I would see results. How long? I’m not sure. I have time. Near the end of December, I began consuming bone broth. I have roughly 11 ounces per day. That’s no magic formula, that’s the amount of bone broth that fits in my stainless steel mug I use (see photo). Although I don’t know how long it might take, I do know that I should start seeing improvements in skin, hair and nails first.

There isn’t a down side to consuming bone broth. In fact, there was a time when most people consumed bone broth as it was used in cooking and soup making. That all changed with the introduction of MSG (monosodium glutamate). MSG gave foods the flavor that bone broth did, but at a cheaper price. Cheaper for the food, although more costly for our health in the long run.

Most of us have heard that chicken soup is good for a cold. This was true, once upon a time. That time period when chicken soup started as bone broth. There are many nutrients in that bone broth. Healing nutrients.

Some have asked if they can’t just buy broth from the store? Suggesting that surely the broth you can buy at Whole Foods is good for you. That depends. There are some broths that are made from good quality ingredients. But read the label carefully. A broth made from chicken meat is not the same as a broth made from chicken bones. The former would be a good choice if you’re looking more for flavor. It’s not unhealthy, it’s just not the same as bone broth. And if you’re trying to cure your arthritis, you want broth made from the bones.

Still, when I first thought about bone broth, it seemed that it must be complicated and that it would take a long time. Back in December, we bought some bone broth at our local farmers market. That turns out to be an expensive way to go. And that’s why I decided to try my hand at making bone broth.

Next week, I’ll go into detail – talking about the ingredients in my bone broth and the process of making it. Stay tuned!

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