More Action, Less Planning

“Do the work, become the artist. Instead of planning, simply become. Acting as if is how we acquire identity.” — Seth Godin
This week’s quote comes from Seth Godin. I first ‘met’ Seth Godin when a wise friend introduced me to his book, “Purple Cow.” I now have a whole collection of his books. Today’s quote comes from “The Practice” and he says:

Do the work, become the artist. Instead of planning, simply become. Acting as if is how we acquire identity.

Let me ask you: How much time do you spend planning what you will do? Versus How much time do you spend on just doing the work?

I’ve certainly been guilty of overplanning. For too long, I was doing so much planning — all day long — without putting anything out into the world.

All of that planning was chock full of good ideas. But, guess what? It was getting me nowhere. It didn’t connect me with anyone. It didn’t improve my bottom line.

In fact, it became stressful because I couldn’t see the way out.

Then one day, ideas showed up and instead of adding them to my incredibly long list of ideas, I acted on them. Instead of doing more planning, I started doing.

I took Seth’s advice and just became who I wanted to show up as, did what seemed like the next best step. Acting as if I was already where I wanted to be.

My suggestion? Get out of planning mode. Take some action. Daily action.

Honestly, planning is over-rated. Have you ever noticed that your plans change as soon as you start a project? That’s because planning is all about the theoretical.

Taking action, though, gets you real solid information that can help you much more than all of that plan.

Plus, as soon as you start taking action, as you begin to see progress, your stress levels will drop.

Our identity doesn’t come from thinking and planning.
Our identity comes from our DOING.

No one will know us if all we do is plan!

So get out there and do the work. Take some action.

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