Of Germs And Fear

Of Germs And Fear in the Time of CoronaDay 12 of Life in the Time of Corona

I am becoming quite the germophobe now. I used to never fear them. I know that routine exposure in our world is rarely that harmful and often helps us build natural immunity. I majored in the stuff. Have a BS in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology. Which today would be a BS in Microbiology but UTSA was a new school in those days. I took Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathogenic Microorganisms, Virology. I thought parasites were the worst thing there was. They’re still high on the avoid-at-all-costs list, but viruses are another thing all together.

I don’t want to live from a place of fear, but this virus scares me. Especially being in a higher risk group.

I try to stay home to avoid other people. I went out Friday to the post office to mail something. I drove up and put it into the box so I didn’t have to touch anything. I wanted to check my post office box while there, an activity which requires going into the building. I saw a guy going in with a mask on and decided it would keep.

Saturday, the hubby just had to go to Home Depot. Again. Not for anything essential. And it worries me a bit. Then we ordered food from a local restaurant. And I worried about the outside of the containers. Could they have the virus on them?

All this hand washing and sanitizing. I am desperately in need of hand sanitizer. Which has become like gold, it seems. But I need fragrance-free hand sanitizer. Which is more like platinum in today’s world.

How are you handling the germs?

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