One Week of Capability Coaching

One Week of Capability Coaching

A Sample of Capability Coaching – Accountability with 💖


What if you weren’t stuck?

What if you could get started on that ‘thing’ you want to create?

With “One Week of Capability” coaching, you’ll get clear on how to start that project you’re wanting to create.

Tell me, does this sound like you? You want to work on your project, but you don’t know where to start.

What if you knew those first steps?

Once you get started, you’ll feel the momentum building.

Get started on that project in just 5 days with “One Week of Capability!”

What is Capability Coaching?

It’s a way to take daily action and move closer to a goal you have been wanting to achieve.

It’s also a grounded, concrete way to experience being in the present moment. After all, there is no future and there is no past. There is only this moment. Right now.

With Capability Coaching – Accountability with 💖, I help people do what they’re called to do.

Capability Coaching - Accountability with Heart

Here’s how One Week of Capability works:

  1. Sign up for One Week of Capability and schedule your first session here.
  2. We’ll meet on Zoom for 30 minutes to discuss your project or goal.
  3. We’ll have short daily checkins to monitor your progress.
  4. On the last day, we’ll have another Zoom call to celebrate your progress.

You are innately capable of accomplishing whatever you set out to do.

Only $19 through November 15th, 2020.

Once Capability Coaching opens, the price will go up!

Let’s get started.