Sweet Potato Salad In Pictures

Sweet Potato Salad – In Pictures

Sweet Potato Salad? I get some strange looks when I first mention this to people. Along with questions like: “It’s a hot dish, right?” Nope, it’s cold, just like your mother’s potato salad. It was my own creation because I wanted something that wasn’t your average potato salad. Once people […]

Gratitude: Good For Your Heart

Gratitude: Good For Your Heart

Gratitude is good for your heart! For real! And not just this week of Thanksgiving. Why feel gratitude? There are many benefits related to gratitude. Perhaps that is why there are so many studies about gratitude. One study has found a reduction in inflammatory bio markers as well as an […]

Braised Kale - Ready To Eat

Braised Kale In Pictures – Always a Hit at Our House

Braised kale is a delicious way to prepare kale. Kale is a winter vegetable that can be cooked a variety of ways. This recipe is for braised kale with bacon and onions. Enjoy! Kale is generally regarded as one of the healthiest greens. It is rich in nutrients, packed with […]

Knee Update - Six Weeks after stem cell injections

Knee Update – Six Weeks Later

It’s time for another update. Tomorrow, November 7th, marks 6 weeks since I had my stem cells injected into my knees. I can’t say that I can run and jump and play like normal kids just yet. But I can definitely tell that things are changing. Seeing Changes If you’re […]

An Alternative To Knee Replacement

An Alternative To Knee Replacement: Why I Chose Stem Cells

Is there a viable alternative to knee replacement surgery? Can you imagine a world where healing from knee arthritis does not involve joint replacement surgery. That is the future of orthopedics. And the good news is, it’s already here. It’s still new technology, but is it available. This is my […]

Ginger In The Tea Pot

How To Make Ginger Tea – Good for Pain and Inflammation

I did a lot of research on how to make ginger tea. Someone suggested it for my arthritis pain and inflammation. I found quite a few recipes and tried more than one. When it comes to recipes, especially those I make often, I am all about simplicity. Eventually, I borrowed […]

Fragrance Ingredients - The Smoking Gun

Fragrance Ingredients – The Smoking Gun

Fragrance ingredients. Do you know what’s in a fragrance or perfume? Have you even given it any thought? Don’t you ever wonder what’s behind that word ‘fragrance’ when you find it on an ingredient list in your skin care or laundry products? It seems like such a benign term, right? […]

Whisk to mix well

Scrambled Eggs & Cheese – The Best Start With Pasture-Raised Eggs

Scrambled eggs & cheese – one of those dishes that seems to work for any meal. Sometimes you just want that certain comfort that only scrambled eggs can provide. As a child, scrambled eggs were a regular item. Sometimes, if we’d been running around all day, we would have scrambled […]

Mise En Place - Chicken Stir Fry

Mise en place: Have everything in Place Before Cooking

Mise en place (pronounced MEEZ ahn plahs) is a French culinary phrase which means “everything in its place.” I learned this term in 2012 when I attended a Boot Camp at the CIA. (The Culinary Institute of America, not that other CIA!) What is the Purpose of Mise En Place? […]

Top 5 Worst Cooking Mistakes

My Top 5 Worst Cooking Mistakes

Cooking mistakes! We’ve all done them. I’ve been cooking and baking since age 10. That has given me a lot of years to make mistakes. Learn from my cooking mistakes to become a better cook. I list my top 5 below, starting with number 5. #5 Worst Cooking Mistake – […]