Is Vegan Healthy Always? What Does Healthy Mean?

Is Vegan Healthy Always? What Does Healthy Mean?

Is vegan healthy? Always or ever? Proponents of the vegan lifestyle would have you believe that eating vegan is a healthy lifestyle. Some even suggest it is the ONLY healthy lifestyle. While I don’t really agree with them, that isn’t the point of my writing. Well, not entirely. We all […]

The Real Problem With Acid Reflux

Problem With Acid Reflux? It might not be what you think!

The problem with acid reflux is NOT too much stomach acid. Now that I’ve got that out in the open, I promise to explain it. But first, I have a story to tell. Lately, my husband has been experiencing acid reflux in the middle of the night. He’ll get up […]

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Are Essential Oils Safe? Can They Cause Migraines and Headaches?

Are Essential Oils safe? Is it possible that essential oils (EOs) can cause headaches or migraines? I first asked this question on my Mariposa Naturals blog in November of 2012. It became the most popular blog post on my website, even now, over 5 years later. Essential Oils are Powerful […]

How to Enjoy Cooking - My Number One Tip!

How to Enjoy Cooking – My Number One Tip!

Would you like to know how to enjoy cooking? Do you hate to cook? Many people hate to cook. What do you hate about cooking? For many people, the answer is they hate to measure and worry about having to be precise. Is that you? Then, I have a secret […]

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July – Freedom and Picnics

Today, the fourth of July, is Independence Day in the United States. It is a holiday to commemorate our adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. It was a declaration of the thirteen original American colonies as a new nation, the United States of America, no longer […]

Eating With the Seasons

Eating With the Seasons

Have you heard about this phenomenon of eating with the seasons? It truly isn’t a new concept. In fact, for thousands of years it’s how humans ate. It has only been in man’s recent history, perhaps since the beginning of the Industrial Age, that humans began eating foods that were […]

Taking Positive Action

Taking Positive Action – Knee Joint Issues Are Not For Sissys!

This is the story of Barbara’s knees. Knees that have served me very well for many years, but began to express concern about improper usage about four years ago. Sure, some say it’s arthritis. Some say it’s a natural part of getting older. I cry foul in both cases. For […]

Cure Your Sugar Cravings

Cure Your Sugar Cravings

Do you want a cure for sugar cravings? What do you normally do for them? Indulge in sugar? Would you like to know how to cure those cravings without eating sugar? Read on for how to cure your sugar cravings. How Not To Cure Your Sugar Cravings Avoid artificial sweeteners. […]

Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeño Health Benefits

Do jalapeños have health benefits? Do they have any properties, other than their spicy flavor, that benefit us? Jalapeños! Either you love them or you hate them. I grew up in South Texas so I love them. A few weeks back, I posted my recipe for Jalapeño Lime Salad Dressing. […]