People Want Honest, Flavorful Food

People want honest, flavorful foodWhat keeps you from cooking more meals at home? I know that for many people, they don’t know what to cook and they don’t know how to cook. And that happens to be the mission of Veggies 101: To show people that it is easy to prepare healthy and delicious meals and to inspire them to cook and eat more fresh vegetables.

Sometimes, people are afraid to cook because their dishes do not look like the pictures in the cookbooks or online. And that’s why I’m sharing this quote from Ted Allen:

    "People want honest, flavorful food, not some show-off meal that takes days to prepare."

It’s that simple.

When you put food on the table, it should look appetizing. It does not have to be picture-perfect. Trust me on this one. I love photography and taking pictures of my dishes. But I don’t spend a lot of time on taking pictures. Or staging my dishes with garnishes and props to make them look fancy.

That’s not my focus. By the time the meal’s ready, I’m doing good if I even think to take a photo. I’m just ready to eat. I have a friend who takes beautiful photos of his cooking endeavors.

Your focus should be on the food you’re preparing. Using quality ingredients and preparing tasty and healthy food. As Ted Allen said: Honest, flavorful food.

And by honest, I interpret that to mean quality, healthy ingredients. What do I mean by that? I could probably talk an hour on that topic, but I’ll save that for another day. I believe in using whole foods as much as possible. That means minimally processed foods. Freshness is important too, especially with fruits and veggies. The minute they are harvested, they begin to lose their nutrient value.

That’s one reason I love buying from our local farmers. I know that what I buy was in the ground or on the plant until the day before I get it. You can’t get fresher than that unless you grown your own!

Food is so important to our health. It’s more than just instant fuel.

I want to have the best quality of fuel for myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good burger and fries. Or a pizza. But they should be the exception, not the standard!

Are you in? Do you want to learn to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family?

It’s an adventure, learning to cook veggies. And you can join in the fun. I’ll show you how!

Stay tuned!

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