Plan Your Legacy – A How-To Guide

How To Plan Your Legacy

On the first Saturday of 2018, my husband and I attended a Celebration of Life for Bernice. Bernice was the mother of a friend of ours. Bernice passed away just six weeks before her 90th birthday. In fact, they had originally reserved the Hockley Community Center for that first Saturday in 2018 for her birthday party. It was at her Celebration of Life that I learned how to plan your legacy.

I only met Bernice once or twice, but I had heard a lot about her over the past 25 or 30 years. Bernice was an excellent cook and during her lifetime ran two different restaurants: The Green Frog Cafe in Jacksboro, TX and Miz B’s Galley in Matagorda, TX. She also loved to dance and she created and sold jewelry in recent years.

The stories though. Our friend, Glenn, got the stories started. At first, others were shy. But once the stories started, they went on and on. Half the people there told us about how she loved to dance.

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She was a strong woman who never questioned what she could do. From the stories we heard, it was obvious that she loved people and wanted to help them. There was one man there, along with his family, who worked for Bernice at one of her restaurants. Later, when she opened the second one, she called him up and asked him to come work for her at the second one.

The room was filled to overflowing with friends and family. People who knew and loved Bernice.

As I watched on, I started thinking of legacy.

Rarely do you hear people talking about their own legacy. Except politicians. It seems that politicians believe that they can establish their legacy by telling the world what their legacy will be.

That is not how it works.

Bernice lived a good life. Loved others. Helped others. And she left a legacy that extended far beyond her family.

That is how to build a legacy.

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