Lessons of an Opening Heart

Lessons Of An Opening HeartFrontDid Barbara need an Open Heart? Upon learning of Barbara’s upcoming open-heart surgery, Karen told her it was the quickest way to an open heart. This was not the journey that Barbara would have chosen, but it was now her journey.

The surgery itself was just one part of Barbara’s journey through a world of health and medical issues. A journey that started long before her surgery and continues as she learns how to honor her spiritually opening heart. Throughout her journey, she must balance modern medicine and its technology with what she knows in her heart. Balancing what she knows about her own body versus the one-size-fits-all medical world.
Barbara’s story is for anyone facing or recovering from open-heart surgery and for the loved ones who care for them.

Barbara’s journey did not start with her surgery, but it did take a turn. In her book she shares how open-heart surgery saved her life and led her to a new awareness of surviving and thriving in life.

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Reading Barbara’s book gave me such a deeper understanding into what it’s like to go through major surgery. In 2011 my fiance went through neck dissection surgery as a cancer treatment, and while I was there for it all including his healing, I don’t think I appreciated the magnitude of what a toll it takes on the entire body. The insights Barbara shares really opened my eyes. She presents both the medical side and the personal side, and includes a some valuable tips on things to watch out for and advocate for if you’re recovering from open heart surgery. Her book is also about hope, because this painful physical experience lead to opening and exploration and new life. Although at times it was hard to read because it brought up painful memories, I feel very grateful to Barbara for sharing her much-needed story. I think it can help a lot of people.
– Twyla K.

I’ve known Barbara for years and years… amazing read and tears of joy for her journey of healing and health! I’m hoping she keeps writing about her journey through this life! Looking forward to the next adventures!!!

It’s a great read folks! I’m so blessed to know Barbara and so very proud of her!

Finished reading on my flight to Oregon… people around me wondered why I laughed and cried too!
– Neta

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