Simple Steps to a Healthier You!

Are you ready to (finally) make changes to improve your health? Not just talk about it, but actually do it?

It’s hard to make changes, I know from my own experience.

You have a vision of what you would like to see. How you would like to feel.

Yet, you’re not sure:

  • Where to start
  • How to keep up the momentum

What If?

What if you had support? What if you had someone to help you get started? To help you hold yourself accountable?

You are capable of so much. My latest program — Simple Steps — can help you see that in yourself.

You’ll see results quicker and be able to stick to your plan.

What is this?

Simple Steps is about keeping you accountable. It’s a style of coaching that helps you take daily actions, small steps, towards a goal. Simple daily actions.

Simple Steps is a way for you to improve your health one step at a time. Just one change. Each week.

How It Works

  • During our first meeting, we’ll discuss your vision for your health and determine your first step.
  • After that, we’ll meet each week to establish a daily action you’ll take toward your ONE CHANGE. It might be big or it might be small. Baby steps are how you start!
  • Between meetings, we’ll have daily check-ins, via text or an app, to monitor your progress.
    I’ll be there to:
  • Hold your hand
  • Hold you capable
  • Hold you accountable.

What Will You Gain?

  • Confidence in your ability to improve your health
  • Likely to begin seeing results quickly
  • Support & encouragement for your health journey, because it will be a journey. An exciting journey of self-discovery.
  • A listening ear and someone who understands your vision for your health.

How Long?

  • Three Month Package – This is the best value and the plan that will help you really gain momentum on your journey.
    • Initial 45 minute vision session
    • Twenty minute meetings each week and at end of 3 months
    • Daily check-ins, via text or an app in between

Ready to get started?

Let’s start with a quick call to chat. Find a time below so we can talk.