Spinach – Still Growing in South Texas

Freshly Washed Spinach
Freshly washed, ready for sauté!

Miraculously, spinach survived the brutal cold we had in February. Brutal for South Texas anyway.

Spinach is good for you. Though I do not recommend the canned spinach that Popeye used to eat. Unless that’s all you have available. Nor am I much a fan of frozen spinach, which seems more like mush to me.

Give me fresh spinach!

What can you do with spinach? You can use it raw in a salad. You can sauté it, which is my favorite way to cook spinach. You could also use it in an egg dish or a stew. It’s really versatile.

Interesting factoid: I once had a cat named Grayson. One day, I had put some fresh spinach in water in the kitchen sink. For some reason I left the room and when I returned, there was Grayson on the floor with a giant piece of spinach!

It turned out that he absolutely LOVED spinach. He would often ask for it, so we would give him a few pieces on a saucer. Sometimes, he would be in the kitchen with me meowing. After a while, I realized that he was actually asking for spinach! I guess there could be worse things for him to eat.

Grayson says: “Eat your spinach!

Stay tuned for more seasonal veggies next week! Recipes are coming too, with video!

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