Stars can’t shine without darkness

This week’s quote comes from the television show, “NCIS.” It is one of two shows that I like to watch anymore. The other being “Wheel of Fortune.”

In a recent episode (NCIS, Season 18, Episode 9 Aired 03.09.2020), Palmer told Kaisie

“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness.” 

One very short sentence. But I just literally felt its meaning. So much that I missed the next 5 minutes of the show while writing it down and pondering its meaning.

Here’s what it meant to me: It went way beyond the idea that stars shine brighter when we’re away from city lights. 

We have two sides. A light side that we want to shine, to show to the world. And rightly so. We also have a dark side, that we tend to want to hide. And I’m thinking that perhaps we shouldn’t hide it. 

That dark side represents our failures, our mistakes, perhaps our upbringing or abuse or addiction. From that dark side we overcame and we learned. 

That dark side, whatever it may be, is what makes us who we are. It’s what forms our character.

In fact, 

It is out of our darkness 
that we grow.

It is out of our darkness 
that we learn.

It is out of our darkness
that we shine.

Embrace all of who you are.
Embrace your light and embrace your darkness.

You can’t shine your light without darkness.

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