Sugar Snap Peas are IN SEASON in South Texas!

Sugar Snap Peas, Strings Removed

One thing I enjoy about buying local is that the veggie choice change with the season. Right now, in South Texas, Sugar Snap Peas are plentiful. They’re quite tasty, with a sweetness that gives them their name. And they’re so good for you.

Fun Fact: They’re actually called Edible Pod Sugar Snap Peas. I guess that’s to let you know that you can eat the outer pods? Or maybe it’s because some peas have thick, tough pods. Not these, though.

They’re simple to prepare, too. First I cut the ends and pull the strings off. That can be time-consuming. Then I sauté them in olive oil with garlic powder and salt. They do not last long in our house!

I’m hoping they’ll remain in season for a few more weeks, though it is getting hot fast here this year. I’m looking forward to Summer, too. Last year I attempted my first ever Ratatouille, a French stew made with eggplant, squash and tomatoes, plus a few other things. I made it several times until I perfected my recipe. That is not a Veggies 101 dish though. Total time was about four hours, if I remember right. But so worth it!

Stay tuned for more seasonal veggies next week! Recipes are coming too, with video!

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Sugar Snap Peas, being washed
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