Taking Positive Action – Knee Joint Issues Are Not For Sissys!

Taking Positive ActionThis is the story of Barbara’s knees. Knees that have served me very well for many years, but began to express concern about improper usage about four years ago. Sure, some say it’s arthritis. Some say it’s a natural part of getting older. I cry foul in both cases. For the most part, arthritis – and by this I mean osteoarthritis only – can be traced to life-long postural habits that do not benefit the body, with a side of genetics. And the getting older thing? It isn’t really a thing. I believe it is more to do with lack of use than any numbers on a calendar. After all, if old age caused arthritis, wouldn’t everyone have it?

Which Came First?

It’s true that we slow down as we get older. But it’s a chicken and egg question. Which came first? As we leave our childhood behind on our way to adulthood, many of us stop playing and moving to do our work. It’s later that we find out that we can’t move like we used to. I believe it has mostly to do with our lack of movement. Our inactivity.

This is the third draft for this blog post. It’s not a change in direction for this blog, not really. I’ll continue to talk about food and recipes and health topics. On Wednesdays. This post is the start of my journaling, publicly, about my knees and my quest to get them back to their original shape. Why? Several reasons, including:


  • I’m hoping it will inspire others to take a more active role in their health.
  • I, selfishly, am using it as a tool to hold myself accountable.
  • As a result of this journey, I have done – and am still doing – extensive reading on health and healing. It’s all very interesting and I’ll be sharing some of that along the way.
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For today, I’m making the announcement that I have finally taken some action! Here are two things I’ve done this past week:

Let’s Get Started!

First, I made an appointment with a doctor that is part of a clinic that does stem cell therapy to treat knee issues. Specifically they use the patient’s own stem cells and use technology to inject those cells exactly where they need to go. Does this mean I’ll be doing stem cell therapy? I want to say yes. This trip to the Houston area is to find out if I am a candidate. It happens on Thursday so send good thoughts my way.

Second, I have realized that I need to be more active, in spite of my knee issues. My stationary bike just isn’t enough. And I’m not a joiner-of-gyms type person, never have been. So, I have found a low impact exercise program that I’m committing to. I purchased it online. If it turns out to be really good, I’ll reveal the source. Ideally it is a program that is done, 6 days a week, with one day for rest. I plan to start out slow.

I plan to write on this topic whenever I have something to relate, which will make it irregular. Suggestions and words of encouragement may be left below, in the comments.

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