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My husband and I sought Barbara’s professional services for health and nutrition counseling regarding a few issues that we were seeking a resolution to. Trying to balance two busy careers on the go with good nutrition, healthy choices and quick, easy results seemed an impossible task. Then Barbara stepped in.

She spent time with us on an initial consultation getting to know us, our life style and our specific health and medical issues. Then she set to work preparing for us a personal plan that was easy to follow, resolved our continuous time crunch and still provided us with great ideas to get the nutrition we needed into our busy schedules in a way that made sense for us.

We have also tried several recipes from Barbara which have all been delicious and well balanced. I recommend anyone follow The Sage Chef to learn of the professional advice Barbara offers to maintain nutritional health and environmental well being.

JS, San Antonio

Barbara is a terrific health coach. She finds out what you like and why you don’t like other things. Then she helps you find ways to enjoy healthier food. She is a amazing! She is even helping me break my junk food habit. Thanks Barbara!

PS, San Antonio

Barbara’s science background and ability to answer any questions that come up about topics “or” research a question when it comes up to give the most accurate scientific answer. I really like her science and analytical background bc I can relate to that. She is a good teacher in that she explains the background/”why” so that I understand not just an answer ~ I understand the CONCEPT that can be applied to other methodologies.

RL, San Antonio

She can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals.

DM, San Antonio