What Have I Been Up To?

What has Barbara been up to?
What has Barbara been up to?
I know I haven’t written here for a while. I had every intention to, but I’ve been working on getting myself organized. Each week there was a reminder to write here. And each week it would get pushed off until the next week. Until, one day I realize it has been over 2 months since I’ve posted anything. So…

Here I am.


With an update on some of what I’ve been doing. First the yoga:
I am now in my fourth month of doing yoga. I can tell in many ways that I am building strength. I’ve also seen improvement in various pains. Most notable is something that my orthopod called trochanteric bursitis. The trochanter is the part of the femur that connects to the hip bone. This was good news to me. I was convinced that the hip pain I’ve been experiencing was caused by osteoarthritis. My orthopod gave me exercises to do. And it turns out that the therapeutic yoga that I am doing is the same exercise. And the pain is diminished. It has been many weeks since it kept me up at night. So I continue the yoga at least 3 times a week.

The List Junkies List Journal Cover
The List Junkies List Journal Cover

Creating Journals

I have also been learning how to create journals that can be put on sale at Amazon! How cool is that? Or are you wondering what a journal is? Journals can be many different things. If you’re curious, you can check them out on Amazon by entering “journals in the search box. Basically, a journal can be like a blank or lined journal but it might have additional prompts or information. There are gratitude journals, tracking journals, journals for grief, and many more. I have created one journal already titled “The List Junkie’s List Journal.” If you’re someone who’d makes all sorts of lists, this journal is a good resource. It lets you keep all of your lists together in one book! It was mostly done for practice. Because I have bigger plans for journals! You’ll be hearing about them soon.

The List Junkies List Journal Back Cover
The List Junkies List Journal Back Cover


In addition, I have been writing a book. I’ve been working on it for more than a year. The reality is that it should have been finished long ago. But it has been very hard to write this first book. The good news is that I have made a commitment to have the first draft completed by November 17th! So I decided to make that commitment public. Will I make that deadline? That is my intention. I’m going away this week on a private retreat. I plan to do a lot of writing while I’m going. I’ll report back later on my progress.

What’s that? You want to know what the book is about? I’ll give you a hint. The working title is “Lessons of an Opening Heart.”

Keep me in your thoughts. I’ll report back here soon on my progress!

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