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healthy \ˈhelTHē \

adjective (healthier, healthiest)

in good health

Being healthy is a journey, not a destination. There are always things we can do to improve our health. This is where I talk about them.

Gratitude: Good For Your Heart

Gratitude: Good For Your Heart

Gratitude is good for your heart! For real! And not just this week of Thanksgiving. Why feel gratitude? There are many benefits related to gratitude. Perhaps that is why there are so many studies about gratitude. One study has found a reduction in inflammatory bio markers as well as an […]

Fragrance Ingredients - The Smoking Gun

Fragrance Ingredients – The Smoking Gun

Fragrance ingredients. Do you know what’s in a fragrance or perfume? Have you even given it any thought? Don’t you ever wonder what’s behind that word ‘fragrance’ when you find it on an ingredient list in your skin care or laundry products? It seems like such a benign term, right? […]

A Change Is In the Works!

A Change Is In the Works

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the change? I made it 2 or 3 weeks ago without announcing it. While the changes to my blog may seem subtle, they’re indicative a bigger change. What Changed? The tag line at the top of the website now reads “What’s Cookin’ with Barbara!” And on […]

Sugars on an Ingredients List

Reading Food Labels – A Necessary Evil

Reading food labels is not a fun task, but it’s a good idea. Most of us don’t read food labels because they are often confusing, misleading, hard to understand, and have teeny-tiny type. Too often, the food label is designed for selling rather than informing. That’s why my favorite foods […]

The Best Natural Remedy for Indigestion

The Best Natural Remedy for Indigestion

What is the best natural remedy for indigestion? The answer is revealed when you understand how digestion works: where it starts and what makes it work well. It’s more of a preventive measure. Would you like a long-term remedy for your indigestion? Read on. Where does digestion begin? And, why […]

Farmers Market Shopping

Farmers Market Shopping

Farmers market shopping has completely changed my relationship with food: where I shop, what I buy, what I cook, even my habits when dining out. All of those changes are for the better. If there are farmers markets in your area, here are some of the benefits of shopping those […]

Eating Local - Brussels Sprouts Flower

Eating Local: Locavore or Loco-vore?

Are you a locavore? Do you prefer eating locally grown food? According to the dictionary, a locavore is “someone whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.” Like anything else related to food in the twenty-first century, some people take this to extreme and only eat […]